Center for Critical Incident Response & Prevention
Center for Critical Incident Response & Prevention
Who We Serve - k-12 Schools

Training and Services

In this ever changing environment, administrators, staff, students and families are acutely aware of the potential of a critical incident occurring in their school system. The following training can be adapted to meet a wide range of educational needs of the K-12 community.

School Violence Prevention and Protection Plan

Time Estimate: One day
Audience: Administrators, Behavioral Intervention Teams, and employees responsible for prevention activities

Participants will get the skills and tools to develop effective preventive programs to promote a safer and more caring campus environment. Modules include:

  • The Dynamics of School Violence
  • Existing Evidence-Based Prevention Models
  • Assessing Available Resources
  • Developing an Effective Reporting Program for Potentially Violent and Self-Risk Behavior. Participants will work through various table top exercises and are provided a toolbox of preventive initiatives and resources that can be used at their schools.

follow-up half-day session is also available. Two months after the one-day training, participants are asked to return to the classroom to discuss the successes and challenges encountered in initiating programs at their schools.

Behavioral Intervention Teams- Best Practices for K-12

Time Estimate: One day
Audience: Administrators, Campus Security and Crisis Team Members

Want to develop an effective Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) at the K-12 level? This one-day course, based on best practices from higher education, is for you. Topics include:

  • The guiding principles and practices of effective threat assessment and management
  • Developing a Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Mental health vs. behavior
  • Legal issues
  • Marketing your BIT
  • Utilizing assessment tools and school and community resources

Reporting Threatening or Self-Injurious Behavior

Time Estimate: Four hours
Audience: All Middle School and High School personnel

This course is designed to train Middle School and High School personnel to recognize violent or suicidal behavior in others and how to tell students about the need to pass on their concerns to the school’s principal or other trusted faculty. Two 30-minute “See Something- Say Something” presentations will be made available to class participants. This three-hour presentation is to provide the school’s staff and faculty with the knowledge to talk to middle school and high school students.

Student and Staff Response to an Active Shooter

Time Estimate: Three hours
Audience: Students, faculty, staff

This three-hour presentation provides K-12 staff and students with the skills and knowledge to survive an active shooter situation. The presentation expounds on the concepts explained in the Homeland Security’s “Run, Hide, and Fight” video. Various presentation versions have been developed to pertain to specific student age groups.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Time Estimate: Varies based on size of facility
Audience: School Administrators, School Security Personnel

A vulnerability assessment defines, identifies, and classifies the baseline of safety measures in place at a school or other entity as it relates to the physical infrastructure. CCIRP security experts’ assessment will include:

  • Screening of the building access control, interior and exterior for baseline security practices.
  • Review of Classroom Security
  • Assessment of school culture as it relates to training and staff development
  • Screening of your communication systems
  • A review of your reporting procedures.
  • An assessment of the Emergency Operations Plan.

Deficiencies and recommendations will be summarized in a report.