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Center for Critical Incident Response & Prevention
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In business today, a wide range of critical incidents may impact the ability to perform work. The following courses can assist with strategies to address crisis events in the work place.

Unarmed Security’s Role in Crisis Events

Time Estimate: One day
Audience: Senior-Level Managers, Supervisors, Security Staff

Security officers will gain the knowledge and skills needed to more effectively deal with acts of violence in the workplace. Modules include:

  • Dealing with difficult and emotionally disturbed people
  • Run- Hide-Fight response options to an Active Shooter
  • Unarmed Security’s Role in Responding to acts of Workplace Violence (Assisting First Responders at a Critical Incident)
  • Response to a Bomb Threat

The day concludes with a table top exercise.

Private Armed Security’s SOLO Response to an Active Shooter

Time Estimate: One day
Audience: Security Supervisors, Security Staff and Senior-Level Managers

This course was developed with the Ohio Police Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) to teach armed security officers how to make an effective solo response to an Active Shooter. A one-hour presentation on the tactics and response considerations is included. The classroom instruction is followed with five hours of practical exercises concerning movement through hallways and intersections, clearing hallways, doors, and rooms with stimulus. Airsoft weapons are provided to participants and are utilized during the practical exercises.

Identifying and Responding to At-Risk Behavior in the Workplace

Time Estimate: Four hours
Audience: All Middle School and High School personnel

Attendees will be able to more readily identify and address at-risk behavior in the workplace. Topics include:

  • Identifying and addressing at-risk behavior
  • Mental health vs. behavior
  • Legal issues
  • De-escalating emotionally charged individuals
  • Utilizing assessment tools to better identify potentially violent behavior

Response to an Active Shooter in the Workplace

Time Estimate: Two hours
Audience: Staff at any business location

Workers will gain the knowledge and skills to enhance their odds of surviving an armed attack in the workplace. The content can be customized to be specific to your location. It expounds on the concepts explained in the Homeland Security’s “Run, Hide, and Fight” video. The instruction includes several practical exercises that are intended to help your workers survive and protect others from an active shooter.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Time Estimate: Varies based on size
Audience: Employers who desire to assess their physical environment for safety

A vulnerability assessment defines, identifies, and classifies the baseline of safety measures at a place of business as it relates to the physical infrastructure. CCIRP security experts’ assessment will include:

  • Screening of the building access control, interior and exterior for baseline security practices
  • Review of Classroom Security
  • Assessment of school culture as it relates to training and staff development
  • Screening of your communication systems
  • A review of your reporting procedures.
  • An assessment of the Emergency Operations Plan.

Deficiencies and recommendations will be summarized in a report.

Responding to Violence in the Workplace

Time Estimate: Four hours
Audience: Senior-Level Managers, Supervisors, Staff

Develop effective, proven de-escalation skills to utilize in calming others (co-workers, customers, subordinates, etc…). Instruction includes identifying and responding to people, situations and/or behaviors that induce hurtful feelings, such as fear, inadequacy and shame. This course concludes with discussion and demonstration of basic self-defense responses that can be utilized to thwart an attack.